Release 1.7.0

See the release and the closed tickets on the v1.7.0 milestone on Github.

Knora-Stack compatible versions:

Knora v1.7.0 - Salsah v2.1.0 - Sipi v1.4.0 - GraphDB v8.5.0

Required changes to existing data:

  • To use the inferred Gravsearch predicate knora-api:standoffTagHasStartAncestor, you must recreate your repository with the updated KnoraRules.pie.

New features:

  • Gravsearch queries can now match standoff markup (#910).
  • Add Graphdb-Free initialization scripts for local and docker installation (#955).
  • Create temp dirs at startup (#951)
  • Update versions of monitoring tools (#951)


  • timeout or java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when using /v1/resources/xmlimportschemas/ for some ontologies (#944)
  • Timeout cleanup (#951)
  • Add separate dispatchers (#945)on Github.

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